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In a boy and I have a girlfriend sencible wonderful that I love and have never been unfaithful to them yet. In just 23 years and my girlfreind Kelly has 25 years, we have great sex, but nothing exciting, since Sun shes shy my ​​best friend I've grown up with girlfriend Tanya shes very sexy and yes, I feel like it she is a real flirt, but only 18 Niav so calm when it comes to men. for two weeks, all arranged so that said to London for the day and nightlife, nightclubs in the evening rapetube before our departure, Kelly did not want to go, we had a big fight, and I told him I then must go to my own with Tanya and Carl. The next day we went on the train, he visited the city a bit and went shopping, then click on the bars in the afternoon. Four o'clock in the afternoon we were pretty drunk Tanya was flirting with me more than ever, and every opportunity that pushed me and asked me what my sex life is like with Kelly, so do good, but says sometimes boring. She is a very pRetty permanent thin blonde girl, thin with small breasts. We decided to get something to eat and go to our hotel and changed to go dancing that night. , whereas I was only a shower, I heard a knock at the door with a towel around me, I opened the door to see Tanya standing there in her robe. I invited her and said Carl had slept in the bed, and it was boring. She brought a bottle of whiskey and sat on her bed and talked and drank. She told me all about the guys who took it and all about her sex life with Carl. It's really a cake, but nice and had visions rapetube of law and then fucking her in bed. stood up and dropped her dress to the floor, she completely naked I looked her body had pierced her belly button, which looks so sexy on girls, Kelly will not get done for me. Then she asked if I rapetube wanted, I asked, how stupid, of course, and said he wants to fuck me. rapetube I loved her, butThoughts of Carl and Kelly and I could not do, so I said no, I can not. approached me and started playing with his car in front of me, rubbing his hands dance over, and at the same time, which then lay in bed, stroking his car I sat and watched, I was very hard so I wanted to enter her pussy, but could only do. She rubbed her fingers and licked her Firnges and then lost the rapetube ball again, she rose and went to the bathroom and returned with a can of deodrant could not believe that this girl in bed, leaned back and stuck to their own and took it. I could not take much longer to suck on her breasts and kissed her, she was still driving in the can until they can be themselves and complained about the knees and my dick masturbating until reach all heard I fuck Let body blow. You were there for a while and then said that I'm going down soon. He put on his robe and left. This night was great Tanyaflirted with me over and sat on the rapetube lap of Carl is open her legs for my amusment. When we returned from London, I met rapetube with Kelly and ended up having sex regularly, as usual, I asked him if he ever does something to herself when shes alone, she slapped me and left. now
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